Posted on September 17, 2014 · Posted in Press

The former General Manager and Partner in Kelowna’s iconic Hotel Eldorado has declared himself a candidate for Kelowna City Council.

“I guess you could say that the timing is right,” states Brad Sieben. “With the sale of our business, the retirement of veteran councilors and the momentum in the direction of city council, I decided that I wanted to stand up and get involved now.”

“I want Kelowna to keep moving forward,” comments Sieben. “We need to make decisions based on what is best for this community for both immediate results and long term planning.” Sieben acknowledges that the Official Community Plan provides an outline for the growth of the local economy, improving public transportation, enhancing public safety, increasing urban densification working towards greater sustainability, and providing better access to recreation, health, arts & culture.

To be a good councilor I believe you need to listen to the public, use good judgement, common sense, and then be decisive and get things done. The ability to execute the plan is what I believe sets people apart from one another.

The married, father of three children (ages nine, five and one) states he has a vested interest in Kelowna’s future development and success. “I want to make a difference in my community. This is where I was born, where I grew up, where I choose to raise my family and where I have been involved in business. I want Kelowna to be a place where my children have opportunities when they are adults.”

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