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(Kelowna, BC, October 27, 2014) – Kelowna City Councilor Andre Blanleil will be stepping back from civic politics after 21 years and announced today his support for city council candidate Brad Sieben.

In my 21 years sitting on city council, I’ve been able to work with many different people and see what it takes to be an effective councilor and Brad has what it takes,” said Blanleil. “I’ve had the pleasure if sitting on a few volunteer boards and committees with Brad, including one board that he chaired. He is a strong and passionate leader that works extremely hard, making good decisions and fighting for what he believes in. He is the right person to help keep Kelowna moving forward.”

Kelowna residents will visit voting stations for advance voting on November 5, 12, 13, and 14 and general election day on November 15 to vote and elect the new Kelowna City Council and Mayor. Blanleil is encouraging the community to get out and vote in order to have their voice heard. “Every vote is a voice, historically our voter turnout has been low in our community and if we want to see our community continue to excel and move forward we must get out and vote; we have seen elections where just a few votes made the difference between someone being elected and someone not sitting in council chambers. Voting is your right, it’s your voice.”

As candidates focus on campaigning during the next 2 weeks and the citizens of Kelowna decide on the leaders of the community. Brad Sieben shared his reaction to Andre Blanleil’s support. “I thought that Andre would be supportive on my candidacy, but I had no idea he would come forward publicly to endorse me. It’s an honour to have his support, it means a lot.”

Born and raised in Kelowna, Brad Sieben brings forth a perspective that is diverse and well-rounded. A graduate of the University of Victoria, Brad has taught high school in School District #23, worked for two multi-­‐national corporations and assumed key leadership roles in a private, family-­‐run business in which he was a part-­‐owner (Hotel Eldorado, 2003-­‐2014). Brad has also served as a volunteer coach for youth and has served as volunteer on more than a dozen community organizations and fundraisers, helping to bring over $850,000 to local charities.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for the contribution Andre has made to the City of Kelowna over his 21 years on council,” adds Sieben. “His work has undoubtedly made Kelowna a better
city. He’s a straight shooter, calls it how he sees it, and follows his heart regardless of perceptions from others -­‐ I hope to bring many of these same qualities to council.”

The married, father of three children believes that an effective councilor must LEAD: Listen, Engage, Analyze, Decide in order to truly represent the citizens of Kelowna and confirms that he will be one to help LEAD in order to continue to move Kelowna forward. Sieben acknowledges that the Official Community Plan provides an outline for the growth of the local economy, improving public transportation, enhancing public safety, increasing urban densification working towards greater sustainability, and providing better access to recreation, health, arts & culture.

More information about Brad Sieben can be found by visiting, and by following on twitter and liking him on facebook. Brad also invites everyone to tweet him their questions with the hashtag #askBradSieben

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